Printmaking for the Rest of Us

Printmaking for the Rest of Us | Erika Gibson

This weekend is The 2015 Relief Summit at East Carolina University. The ECU Print Guild organized the Relief Summit to gather artists from across the country. The collaborations that follow helps promote printmaking knowledge.

Throughout the weekend are many demos, events and exhibitions on and around ECU’s campus. Last night was also the First Friday Art Walk, so there was plenty of fun to be had.Continue Reading

DIY Window Frosting

DIY Window Frosting | Erika Gibson

My first project post for the new house! Are you excited? I’m excited.

The house is located on a corner lot, with lots of windows facing both roads. Having three cats with sharp appendages, curtains weren’t the right path for us. And since the giant one likes to climb through blinds, that was definitely out.

I was looking into window frosting, but all my options seemed expensive. Or bad for brain cell health, since all our windows are painted shut.

I found a few mentions of an inexpensive DIY window frosting. No real photos, no how-to. Just quiet little internet whispers of the possibility of something fantastic.

And that is how I took my first leap of faith into home projects – with just two inexpensive ingredients and a few simple supplies.

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Project Life 2015: January

Project Life 2015: January

Early last summer, I decided that I was done with doing Digital Project Life on a weekly basis. I was unmotivated and having a hard time finishing spreads. There are some crafters like Caylee that can pull off lovely layouts week after week. I am not one of them. After closely watching what Elise Cripe did with her Project Life last year, I finally decided to be done with the weekly schedule and do the monthly thing.

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Guest Post Round Up

Guest Post Round Up | Erika Gibson

Hello, hello! I missed you guys!

I hope everyone had a fantastic holiday season. I spent the majority of mine painting and moving, boo.

While I was gone, we had quite a few guest bloggers. A huge thank you to everyone that helped out! Moving is a pain in the butt, and knowing that I didn’t have to write posts made it easier for my to focus on what I needed to be working on. Be sure to stop by their blogs and say hi!Continue Reading

Guest Post: Parmesan and Thyme Potato Gratin

Guest Post: Parmesan and Thyme Potato Gratin | Erika Gibson

I’m off moving, painting, and generally doing new house things. In the meantime, I’ve got a great line-up of guest posters coming your way. I’ll be back in January, but, until then, enjoy these fantastic posts from the great people I’ve met both in person and online.

This is a guest post by Fashion. Food. Flair. Fashion. Food. Flair. is a Toronto lifestyle blog sharing the life of a fashion and food obsessed city girl. From beauty hacks to recipes, and personal style to luxury travel, FFF always has something new to share!

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