Project Life 2014: September

Project Life 2014: September | Erika Gibson

Sometime towards the end of May, I decided that I was done with doing Digital Project Life on a weekly basis. I was unmotivated and having a hard time finishing spreads. There are some crafters like Caylee that can pull of lovely layouts week after week. I am not one of them. After closely watching what Elise Cripe did with her Project Life this year, I finally decided to be done with the weekly schedule and do the monthly thing.

I’m so glad I did.

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Review: Nutcache

Review: Nutcache | Erika Gibson

Businesses of all shapes and sizes need a way to keep track of work time, send invoices, and accept payment – freelancers, solopreneuers and bloggers are no different. However, small businesses often don’t have the budget to drop hundreds of dollars on expensive programs.

That’s where Nutcache comes in.

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Give Your Brand a Spa Day

Give Your Brand a Spa Day | Erika Gibson

Your brand is more than just your logo. Your brand encompasses your brand identity, your online presentation of your business, and, most importantly, how all of that makes your customers feel.

Today we’re going to give your brand a spa day.

And by that I mean we’re going to tie it down, dig out the blackheads and scrape off that top layer to reveal the shiny new skin underneath.

(Too much?)

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How to Make Your Own Watermark in Less Than Ten Minutes

How to Make Your Own Watermark in Less Than Ten Minutes | Erika Gibson

Here in the interwebs, there is a long standing argument about whether or not to watermark images – is it worth it in the long run?

99% of the time, I would say no. If people are going to steal your images and claim them as their own, if they’re determined, they will get around watermarks. Unless you pop that sucker all the way across the image in every direction, it’s possible. But if you cover 99% of the image in watermark… no one else is interested anymore, either.

However. There is a lovely little social media platform that has a bad habit of separating images from original posts. Sometimes images get pinned leading to the wrong page, or a Google search, or sometimes just the image url. In that case, having a watermark is grand and I love you for it because it means that I can figure out where that image came from so much easier (and find the recipe for those tasty tasty cookies). So yes, I watermark my images just a smidge so people know where to look for the original content.

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How to Cook the Perfect Scrambled Egg

How to Cook the Perfect Scrambled Egg | Erika Gibson

Let me start this off – if you’re happy with your scrambled eggs (or can’t/don’t eat eggs at all), then this post probably isn’t for you. That’s okay. I’m not offended. May I offer some alternatives for your morning reading? If you’re holding on to summer with all your might, try these strawberry frosted donuts or this berry bundt cake with lemon glaze. Need a breakfast that you can prep ahead of time? Try this DIY pancake mix. Annoyed with the recipes for your special dietary needs? These extra chocolatey almond butter brownies are gluten-free, grain-free and refined sugar-free. Dinner time? Meatless meatballs with a side of middle school humor.

We still friends? Awesome.

When I was younger, the first things I learned how to cook were all breakfast related. My parents enjoyed that I would get up on Sunday mornings and cook breakfast for everyone (so long as I didn’t start too early and wake everyone up!). I started with pancakes (from a box) and omelets. Soon after that I learned desserts for family get-togethers. When I left for college, I joked that I could cook breakfast, grilled cheese, and dessert – and that was it! The proper college kid diet, amiright?

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Life + Blog Update

Life + Blog Update

I had this month all planned out. Lots of great blog posts that have been bouncing around in my head were finally going to be put to paper website. Except now, life has thrown a few curveballs my way all at once. Don’t get me wrong – it’s exactly stuff I was hoping would happen. I just didn’t expect it all to happen at once.

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