Links I Love: April 26 2014

Links I Love: April 26 2014 | Erika Gibson

Shapeways is one of my new favorite things. Providing a way for designers to offer 3D printed objects at reasonable prices? Awesome. Current favorites:
+ Wire Kittens (above).
+ Vampire Bat Skeleton.
+ Wolpertinger Skeleton.
+ Fox Ring.
+ Teeth Tea Cup.
+ Jackalope Skeleton.

Three great ways to utilize a light cube.

A super simple tutorial for a summer swing dress.

A high-schooler is changing the bra industry entirely after an awkward shopping experience with her younger sister.

The Murphy table in the last photo is my favorite.

This nursery mural is absolute gorgeous.

A relevant article for any small business owner.

Splotchy splotchy brand identity wins my heart.

An interesting color editing method for Photoshop.

This beautiful 3D wall is so wonderful.

A lovely DIY hanging garden.

Have I mentioned how much I love Kal Barteski lately? ( 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 )

This matte effect is so pretty, I want to make all of my photos matte and soft and gorgeous.

Now that the weather finally agrees with the season, I need to make some of these lemon bars.

A pretty article on product photography.